Colmon Elridge

Let's Get to Work YDA!

Thank you for visiting my website. I ran for Vice-President of YDA because I believe in the power of our collective voice and the power of our vision for the future of our nation.

Now, more than ever, our nation needs the voices and the vision of young people to help navigate from where we are to where we are going. This is the moment where history has called on our generation to be more than bystanders to change. We must be active participants in shaping our futures. I believe that together we will rise to the challenges of this moment, and that the future of our nation will be better for what we dream and work towards today.

I hope you will visit this site often as we will be continuously updating it with information from YDA, calling attention to projects you are working on in your communities and states, recognizing YD's who have are making a difference and updates from me in the form of our regular column called The War Room Diaries.

Victoria and I have been continuously humbled by your warmth and your kindness. We hope through our time in YDA we are able to repay that kindness and trust by working hard and leaving this country better when we are done then when we first began this adventure.

Now, Let's Get Back To Work!

Colmon Elridge
Candidate for YDA Vice President

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